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False Alarm Fees

What is a False Alarm?

False alarm means the activation of any alarm system because of malfunction, mechanical or electrical defect, improper operation or procedure by any person and no fire, crime or other emergency occurred requiring an immediate or emergency response by the city police or fire division. "False alarm" does not include an alarm system activated as a result of any malfunction of equipment owned or operated by the telephone company or resulting from the authorized servicing, testing, maintenance, adjustments, alterations or installations of such alarm system, provided that the respective permittee or authorized agent thereof, notifies the police division emergency communications supervisor prior to commencement of any of the aforesaid activities. "False alarm" also means a report including any oral or written statement, made by any person to any agency of the city that an emergency exists, and who knows, or should know under the existing circumstances, that such report is false.

An Alarm user shall be subject to fines, depending on the number of false alarms within a calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31), based upon the following schedule:

Burglary/Robbery - Residential/Commercial Fine Schedule:

1st & 2nd false alarm - $0

3nd & 4th false alarm - $262.00

5th+ false alarm - $440.00/each